Awakening of the Twilight Gems – Part 2


I’d love it if anyone found time to write up an adventurer log! Maybe I’d be willing to be generous with hints… or whatever! Write one so we can all look back at it and fail to understand everything.

Wiki is your friend! Also, map of Morradin is up.

Hey, message for people. One of the biggest aspects of Obsidian Portal is the wiki, which is for you guys! I try to update it from time to time when I have the time… but really it is meant for the players to pool the knowledge so that they remember events and people and items and the such. So feel free to update it if you want to!

In another note, I’m not an ascendant level DM. This includes things like the forum, more maps, DM/Player secrets, searching, and some other stuff, so if you tried to use something but couldn’t you might be able to now!


Notes of Interest:

Added a new map of Morradin, feel free to add pins and notes for locations.

Awakening of the Twilight Gems

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