Awakening of the Twilight Gems

City of the Nephli

The adventuring party finds themselves in a sparse room with only themselves, some beds, and an interesting window viewing a beautiful outdoor scene. Soon enter two humans who introduce themselves as Councillor Marrow and Elnock. However, little is learned from these two other than the fact that information is being kept from them. That they were “rescued from that demon”. And that the demon is apparently in the process of ravaging the landscape and laying siege to the city of Morradin.

They are also meet their two “caretakers” Aldric and Percival who are much more informative as to their situation, much to Aldric’s chagrin.

After hearing repeatedly that everything would be explained the next day the party chose to return to bed and rest, be refused permission to wander about.

However, late at night loud noises were heard, and a battle had begun. Soon the group is attacked by two Knights of the Nephli. After a long, dangerous, and primarily weaponless struggle the party eventually subdue their attackers only to watch another two more come charging down the hallway towards them. Preparing for another difficult struggle, they found themselves rescued by Percival and Aldric, come to check up on their wards.

The party is then informed that an attack has occured, with major offences aimed apparently at the 9 Councillors of Nephli.

Percival claims this to all be a farce with a secret agenda to obtain the ritual book the party had recently recovered. Thus he urges the team to charge with him to the Library, in hopes of saving it from reaching very powerful and very dangerous hand.

Aldric, however, agrees there is a secret agenda to murder the adventurers, believing them to be vital for the land’s survival. Thus he urges them to flee to a safehouse were sturdy defences can be prepared.

The party, though mostly split, choose to head to the Library, following Percical’s lead. On arrival they watch as a robed figure and a large body of men enter the Libary door, leaving a few behind as guards. A battle begins, and with natural skill the battle is won, though not without surprise at some of the gear and techniques their enemies and allies use.

But what awaits them inside the library? Ragnar fears they are facing far more they can handle. That coward.


Capaal Capaal

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