Awakening of the Twilight Gems

So I’ve got a jewel poking out from my shoulder from that treasure-hunting excursion a little while back. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s worrisome all the same. I’m attempting to make contact with one of the five others that helped me traverse the dungeon, the Dragonborn Kazim Kazim. We don’t see eye to eye on some things, and his lack of self-control (rage issues) could prove troublesome in the future, but his strength could be advantageous. We’ll find out I guess.

I met up with Kazim Kazim at a tavern in ______________, he’s a social drunk that one. His gem was also poking out of his shoulder, the same shoulder in fact. A disconcerting thought. He had recieved contact from another of the group, and learned that he/she was in the same boat, as were a couple of the others. Kazim Kazim didn’t know which one was which, I guess barbarians aren’t sticklers for detail. Regardless, we are going to rendezvous further north, and figure out some sort of I’ve ever dealt with.

We approached the small town of Faldor, our point of departure to Morradin. A boat up the river or something, there was lots of discussion and little action so I just waited until a consensus was reached. I don’t like boats, never did, but it would cut out three weeks of traveling. Jareth, that human cleric, tried to convert me to whatever his god is a couple times, but I convinced him that I was perfectly happy godless at the moment. Well, I’m not so sure that I convinced him, but the whole “clan of religious exiles” at seemed to at least to hit home. His heart’s in the right place at least, he’s got a sense of right and wrong that seems to be more ambiguous in these other folks.

We never got word to the other human, the rogue, fancy that. I don’t know if some misfortune fell on him, jewel-related or no. Maybe he got the message. Those types never seem team players.

The other two are hard to get a read on. No luck with women or magic, har har. The first is the gnome, Lyra, who I have to watch out for. Not for fear of tripping over her, but because she’s got quite the arsenal of magic. Yet, I’m yet to understand her motivations.

Then there’s Io, who’s rage matches Kazim Kazim’s, but is directed instead in the form of curses (magical and otherwise) and intimidation.

We arrived in Faldor, finally, and stumbled upon some little girl, Annie. She had some maps of town that she drew, oddly useful but it seems like she could make better use of her time (which we learned later when some of our motley crew was so kind as to break into a chest of her belongings). We went to the boat house run by some ex-pirate, or at least I think so.

He told us the boat was all booked up by some Dragonborn, and despite attempts to “pursuade” him otherwise by some of the more ill-tempered among us he was not dissuaded. And for good reason. We went to the tavern and saw the beast, Narlack the Dragon. I could tell immediately, even if we were to attack him en masse, that we were outclassed. The guy was massive, taller than any of us, and obviously had been through his fair share of battle. We talked him up, and eventually he agreed to allow us to ride along with him. That is, should we passes a few different tests he had all planned out. He must have a lot of free time, that one.

First, he challenge Kazim Kazim to a drinking competition, which Kazim Kazim sorely lost. But their common Dragonborn heritage seemed to overrule the turnout, or perhaps Narlack was just messing with us. Kazim Kazim got hammered.

I can’t remember everything else (I drank a little bit too), but I beat him in an arm-wrestling match (he was either going easy on me or was extremely sloshed) and Io intimidated the bartender into clearing Narlack’s tab, so he took a liking to us.

We went up to our rooms, and I slept on the floor along with ___________(Jareth/Kazim Kazim?). I didn’t feel like debating sleep arrangements, and beds in human towns rarely are big enough for me to sleep comfortably. And they never account for the horns!

In the middle of the night I heard a rumbling, and jumped to my feet just as a group of kobolds burst through the door! Groggily, and still a little drunk, I fought back along with _______ (Jareth?) as the rest of our party came to. The first wave was followed by a second, and when I was starting to worry (about some of the others) I saw a figure in the door sneak up behind one of the kobolds and stab him square in the back. I took this opportunity to charge and gored him square in the chest. Using part of your body as a stabbing implement is always an uncomfortable feeling, but that’s what the horns are there for I guess.

And who was it that came to our aid but Ragnar, the missing sixth man. He also had his gem stuck in his shoulder, same spot as the rest of us, and had (apparently) been following us since we banded together. We went back out in to the town, and saw that the village was essentially empty. We searched around for a while and the others, excluding Jareth, took this as an opportunity to loot. They weren’t particularly successful mind you, but neither I nor the stocky human wanted part of such things so we followed the road that the little girl’s crude drawing suggested would lead us to the exit of the town.

We walked out of town and spotted a goblin (?) guarding the checkpoint ahead. Everyone seems disgruntled from being roused from their sleep, having our journey being delayed, and perhaps from having their plans of theft foiled by a little girl. Not the cautious type, these guys. I hope nobody does anything stupid.


Capaal greatnewpants

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