Awakening of the Twilight Gems

Erathis' Light in the Darkest Dungeon

Shining into all those crevices that evil may hide.

Following our fool-hardy friend, Kazim Kazim down the stairs, deeper into this Erathis-forsaken dungeon keep, we are faced with a rather large pool of water and what appears to be a blueish ooze with tentacles! With no idea where it came from (probably the water) or what it is, we unleash our attacks while trying to stay out of the water. No time to talk to it, as it seems to ignore our words and sprays us with acid while flailing with its many arms. Kazim Kazim gets knocked into the water, and Wilbur and I rush to help him out. It appears he didn’t need it however, for as soon as we grab his arms- he backflips out of the water and over our heads onto the solid ground. What a crazy dragon.. Ragnar, seemingly scared- runs off up the stairs in a hurry, possibly to stake more claim on this decrepid keep or scoop up some treasure to keep for himself. I don’t mind though, he’s much better at getting around without notice than I am. Backed into the corner of the room to avoid the water, we continue attacking the peculiar beast while I strive to keep Erathis’ light focused on my allies. An explosion goes off behind us as Lyra erupts with chaotic force, propelling myself and Goro “Dog” Barkskin into the water. We quickly get out and can only wonder what happened with the magical gnome. It was not long before we vanquished this beast & had time to examine the message tube and shield that Kazim Kazim found on the island amidst the water. Goro “Dog” Barkskin does a quick swim into the pool, and returns with news of nothing but skeletons. We all shudder and make our way back to a secret room we had found earlier in order to rest for a bit and get our wits about us.

Waking to hear peculiar (though non-threatening) hisses around us, we see Kazim Kazim possibly singing to us or something, but it’s too early to really even entertain the thought. We start checking out the rest of the sub-level to ensure that we won’t get surprised by some big ol’ sneakin’ beasties creepin’ up behind us, but find little more than bodies and rubble. Thus, we head down some stairs into another sub-level that we had not yet explored.

Things got real weird real fast. At first there was nothing, just darkness (illuminated by a sunrod & torch) and smooth(ish) hallways, regularly ending in some sort of cryptic runes. Lyra examined them for a bit and determined that they were an arcane sort of trap and that we should not step on them. This became harder and harder as many of the hallway intersections were met with more runes. Having gotten seperated from the party, I tried to catch up and jump over one, failing miserably. A loud shriek came from the floor and I heard some fearful running, though the rune didn’t seem to affect me much.. The sound must have roused some beasts from further chambers, because soon we were met with undead humanoids. I had heard about them in some clerical pamphlets, but presumed they were the work of some cheap conjurations. Apparently not. We made short work of them and proceeded to clear the rest of the hallways out. I wandered into where they seemed to originate from, but having found rows of coffins, decided it was not the best place to start. Through the hallways no one set off any more traps until I began trying to follow my allies, since I am apparently the only one that sets off these traps and also one of the few relatively immune to their effects. Convenient, methinks.

Descending down a staircase where I could see faint flickering light, I stealthily peered through a window and noticed two heavily-armored hobgoblins! They seemed ready for a fight and apparently noticed me, but only said three words to me. “Shadows seek shadows.” I still have no idea what this meant, and backed away with only a non-sensical retort. Reaching the top of the stairs, I find only Wilbur and none of my other allies, though they were there when I left.. I quickly rush down the hallways in search of them, accidently setting off another squealing trap. Then somehow Kazim Kazim shows up behind me and brings me back to the staircase.. where the rest of my allies were waiting! The dungeon air must be getting to me, because I have no idea where they could have come from. There was a hole they must have smashed in the wall, but I could see no one in the small room behind it when I passed by. Maybe Lyra‘s been working on some sort of group invisibility.. or I’m just oblivious.

Going down the staircase again, this time with my allies, I try to talk to the hobgoblins, asking for an explanation. They seemed to be ready for pleasantries and opened the door with smiles on their faces as I made my way to their well for a drink. Apparently they had more than mischief up their sleeves as they quickly attacked me and several of their cohorts surrounded me from behind. What a nasty trick to play on an unsuspecting man of faith. Thankfully Erathis would not have me die this day, and my allies lent their abilities to my aid as well. Without our concerted effort and Erathis’ light, I am certain we would not have prevailed. We were surprised in the midst of battle by a large spider, and it was certainly no pushover. Thank Erathis that my allies have some experience fighting spiders in Moradin and were able to vanquish this one with no casualties, though Lyra was inching a little too close to darkness.

I am very grateful to have survived that battle, and I believe my allies and I grow closer with each vanquished foe. I would not prefer to kill as many as we have, but we must clear the world of those that wish ill upon others. In this I serve them, they- me, and us- the world.

— Jareth Fairmoon


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