Awakening of the Twilight Gems

Kazim Kazim write blog

My cohorts and I stand on the precipice of our second battle. Ahead lies a malicious looking gateway kept by a goblin. The Rouge sneaks around the bend, cleverly avoiding the goblin’s gaze. When we’ve perceived he is in striking distance, Jareth, the little angry one (I.O.), and I approached the gate. As is my custom, I presented myself with a bone chilling roar. Perhaps the most gruesome the goblin had ever heard. Horrified beyond all belief, it ran inside to tell his fellow gatekeepers.

The battle was hard fought. Each member of our rag-tag little team proved their keep. Jareth, in a moment of foolhardy bravery was knocked unconscious. The rest of us quickly snuffed out what remained of the enemy and ran to his aid. When all was said and done we turned our gaze to a slimy little prisoner. I struck his soul with fear using my barbarian rage. When he was prone, Jareth pried the truth out with diplomacy. The creature foreshadowed a trap that lay before us. The kobolds, lead by a human sorcerer, had brought the captive townspeople through the very gate we had just sieged and into the large cave at end of the road. He also left us with the number 15; its relevance is still unclear.

A tiff broke out between IO and Ragnar. The little one had a thirst for death. She attacked the captive goblin but Ragnar deflected her blade. I greatly enjoyed the interaction. Their trivial moral affiliations seem to contaminate their judgement. Even yet, we have grown quite dependent on each other. Our skills working in harmony as the mystery of the jewel binds us together.

We pillaged what we could. The Rouge’s pockets a bit heavier than my own. Our spirits were high but our flimsy bodies worn from the battle. We were all anxious. Trickery loomed in our future. We gingerly crept to the opening of the cave to see a corridor with a gate at the front and back. On either side of the entrance there was a wooden door. Sensing the trap would occur in the corridor, our powerful friend Dog smashed down one of the wooded doors. With a CRASH we fell into battle!

Dog, Jareth, and I found ourselves standing opposite our primary foe: more of the kobold scum who attacked us in the town. The gates fell to enclose the corridor while fake walls were activated to join the rooms behind each wooden door with the larger corridor. From the outside, Lyra shot bolts of magic while the enemies ran into attack position. Eventually everyone joined the battle inside. Again, our might proved greater than the foes. Our collective Gods gave us the strength greater than any I’ve ever experienced. Our bond is now perpetuated by a common quest as well as dependance as our enemies grow stronger. We have angered an entity of unknown strength and purpose. We cannot turn back.


Capaal cooldog

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