Awakening of the Twilight Gems

More mischief in Moraudin


As the right hand lizard to the Lord Commander you learn to appreciate the finer things. Even among humans I started to enjoy the royal treatment. Just as the wounds i suffered a few days earlier were beginning to heal I sensed tension and confusion among the guards. No longer was I being pampered by chefs and servants. I pretended to still be weakened when a particularly devious looking soldier came in my quarters. When it became clear he meant to detain me I summoned all my strength and overtook the tiny human. After my daring escape I became lost in the city. Just as a patrol of guards was about to come upon me I heard the familiar sound of Kazimian calamity. In an act of recklessness he distracted the guards with a Wizard Ice Explody thing and brought me back into the safety of the secret forge. While there I learned that the town nobility had had enough of Kazim Kazim and branded him a traitor. While we Lizards trained, Ragnar disguised himself as a town drunk in order to make contact with the Friends of Charlie. He slipped away into the night as a shadow slips into darkness. Jareth, in the meantime, stripped himself of his armor and ventured out to find Mia Lee as a humble nameless servant of Arathus. Due to the inescapable annoyance of his very being no body he encountered gave much thought to his potential affiliation with our band of misunderstood outlaws. Meetings were hesitantly arranged with both parties for the next day. Our loyalty to Maraudin, though shaken, remains true and it seems the Kazimian guard and Mia Lee are still allies of sorts. While we hoped to construct a strategy before rushing into a fight, a great commotion suddenly came over the city. It appeared that the sieging enemy had finally begun another offensive. during the chaos Jareth spotted a nefarious group of blank faced individuals casually walking into a house. We rejoined as a group to ready for the assault.


Capaal cooldog

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