Awakening of the Twilight Gems

ShadowFell Keep

Floor 2

We last saw our rag-tag team of adventurers far within the underbelly of Shadowfell keep. Passing treacherous traps and dangerous dungeons the group has successfully delved deeper down to the lower levels. The team had defeated a pack of well equipped hobgoblins who seemed determined to hold down the fort against these intruders. But where has Ragnar disappeared to? And what shall they find further below?

Meanwhile, Ragnar awakens, lying on a smelly cot. The last thing he remembers was a cavern area where him and his allies fended off some starving rats and a couple amorphous blobs. Now, as he slowly opens is eyes he finds himself surrounded by a pack of hobgoblins, enjoying a meal. He feels around, and finds his gear laying nearby, why have they not stripped him of his supply? Why have they not killed him? But as Ragnar slowly sits up one of the hobgoblin approaches him, and offers him a meal of meat and mead.

Ragnar, realizing that his dagger alone would not be enough turns to his wits to break himself free of this confounding conundrum. Soon he finds himself friends with a grunt named Gargack, next he is interviewing with their leader, The Warchief, and finally he is working his way towards the dark priest of Orcus, Kalaral.

Un-meanwhile, the rest of the team moves further into the second floor and begin heading in what may be a southern direction. Kazim Kazim promptly stumbles into a set of traps, but weathers them thanks to his thick dragon hide. Finally they move into a room full of undead and meet both a nasty and less nasty surprise.

They defeat the zombies with relative ease, reunite with the lost Ragnar, who had quite a story to tell, and take a hobgoblin prisoner and knife-point. They even found a bag with some shockingly deep pockets.

But what awaits our heroes in the next room? They are tired and weak and meeting stronger resistance, but fear attempting sleep will only bring an ambush squad of hobgoblins down on their throats. And what will they find once, if, they do reach the end? What kind of ritual could this Kalaral be planning?

Stay tuned for next time on Dragon Ball Z.


Capaal Capaal

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