Awakening of the Twilight Gems

The Black Knight Rises

Trouble at the Keep!


It is my duty to submit this report with no omissions & maximum accuracy, but as it all happened within the span of 5 minutes, I likely did not catch all the events firsthand and additional reports may need to be requested.

Most of our forces were away on a training exercise- one of the largest we’ve had in some time- so we were even more on guard than usual. I was positioned as the gatemaster on this day, and as most days it began with little incident- just myself and the parapet patrols, Jakob and Wilhelm, passing the time with idle conversation on their rounds.

It was midday- maybe 3- or 4-o’clock, when Jakob spotted someone approaching with two lizard-men in tow. The man was wearing our armor & had a story of spies & prisoners aplenty. Jakob was clearly skeptical and very hesitant toward giving me the go-ahead to open the gate. While I doubted this individual could prove any difficulty for us, I too understood the reasons for not admitting any unexpected visitors while our primary force was away.

We called for Captain Lionel as the man was giving us no trouble, just a bit of attitude, but it was then that I heard the explosion. From the sound alone I was unable to determine if it was magical in nature or not, but the armored man appeared to be under attack.

Roars began to emanate from the outskirts while a few more explosions went off. Jakob called for me to open the gate hastily, while Wilhelm was firing his crossbow at the assailants. The man and his lizards hurried inside, which is when I noticed that the man, identified as Jonreth Fairthemoon, was wearing our ceremonial armor and not the lighter trappings issued for training exercises.

We closed the door quickly, so that the assailants could not enter as well, at which point Jonreth proceeded with intimidation attempts on the captives- and was surprisingly successful. He told us how he had infiltrated the Adventurer’s Guild & brought these hired mercenaries who were part of their plot to undermine the Black Knights. The other attackers were surely more members of this mercenary group, hoping to either free their captive brethren or further the plot against our organization.

The captain was on his way, but Jonreth seemed to know his way around the place (somewhat validating his story) so we let him be as we focused on the attackers outside. Soon after though, they had disappeared into the surrounding forestry, and our thoughts returned to the odd situation thrust upon us. Sure, we recently discovered a spy in our midst, but I’d never heard anything about having our own spy in the Adventurer’s Guild.. Hopefully Captain Lionel knows more than we do.

It was eerily quiet for a bit until suddenly Samuel up on the main roof sounded the alarm. Apparently the attackers had returned, but from the east this time. They must’ve scaled the wall, as I saw Jakob rush off to attack them. We tried to get hold of the situation, but with our limited men we still needed to secure the gate- and so I stayed put & on the alert.

Suddenly the parapet burst forth in what must’ve been magically-induced foliage, covering the walls, roof, and ground. I heard muffled shouts and groans, but could not tell what was happening. That was until this beastly minotaur burst through the second floor window, right in front of my position.

All this time I was primarily wondering about our captain, but now was my chance to step up to the plate and shine. At this moment, I saw Jonreth running towards the beast as well. I thought he was coming to assist, but he quickly turned around and headed back to the main complex, mumbling the whole time, possibly realizing I could handle it alone.

Moments later, all the prisoners, as well as faces I hadn’t seen before, ran out of the building fully armed (though thankfully lacking armor) and looking for exodus. I held down the line for a bit with my skilled swordsmanship, but they were dead-set on leaving & seemed to be in cahoots.

The lizards tried some sort of show-off wrestling maneuver on me, and ended up getting pummeled instead. Besides that, they & the beastly minotaur put up quite the fight. I’d be eager to face them again in a fair fight, in order to test their true strengths against my own.

After mortally wounding most of them, they managed to get the gate open while I was distracted with the overwhelming attackers. A couple of seconds later and we surely would have had them. Jakob had come down to assist, and Wilhelm aided with some covering fire. Nonetheless, it seemed rather futile chasing them into the forest & leaving the fortress weakened for another attack.

As they were fleeing, Jonreth and a sly-looking man came running bloodily & fearfully out of the primary complex, quickly followed by our jailer, Kraven, who looked as roughed-up as I’d ever seen him. He was seething and chasing after Jonreth, who I can only assume was the one responsible for all this in some sort of clever infiltration ruse.

Following him was Captain Lionel who seemed extremely disoriented, but out for revenge on those who had duped him. _Jonreth_ in turn, was chasing after the sly human who managed to climb the parapet and jump over the side. Thankfully Kraven and Wilhelm were able to catch up to Jonreth before his jump and deal some brutal wounds on the tricky bastard.

He toppled off much less gracefully than his compatriot, pausing a moment to mutter something unintelligible before crawling off into the woods. With any luck he’ll bleed out and make a nice silver-plattered feast for some dire bears.

We are lucky that Captain Lionel is an understanding man, placing more blame on himself an Kraven than any of us on guard, but if I ever see Jonreth Fairthemoon again, I’ll personally ensure that he ends up in pieces for making such a mockery of our regime.



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