Goro "Dog" Barkskin

Minotaur Warden, Good


Dog is a big Minotaur, and powerful. But his appearance, all bulk and scars, belies his rather collected nature. He has thick curve horns, one of which has some tribal bands, remnants of his fallen clan. With him he has another trait of his clan, a halberd that they would use to patrol the forest paths to protect travellers on the road.


Goro “Dog” Barkskin is son of the also named Goro Barkskin, who was head of the guard and the cause of the eradication of Dog’s home and clan. The son took on the name Dog first as an insult; in the early years of his life, he was a vagrant, having no home and no family. He found himself an outcast in human cities, where he fell prey to his lesser instincts and would cause many a incident. So they called him dog, another rabid stray wandering the alleys to find scraps and scuffles. Oddly, he embraced it. He prefered to be compared to a beast than to be known by his father’s misdeeds. His given name is unknown to most. He holds on to his surname as an homage to his grandfather, who established his clan and forged from the caves of giants and trolls, and from the surrounding forests, a trading post that connected the dwarven realm to the east with the human territories to the west.
His grandfather was one of a band of minotaurs, all religious exiles from various clans, that cast off the life of manual labor and brutish behavior offered to them for something better. They were some of the first self-established Minotaur wardens, honing their natural aptitude for navigation, through labrynths and mazes, to cut out a paths through the first. Through the mountains even, with their new dwarven allies to the east. They used this harsh environment as a means to discipline themselves, mind and body, and become equals among the “higher” races, such as humans, elves, dwarves, and the like.
Dog, as he grew older, realized he would rather follow the path of his grandfather, and hone his warden abilities further, and took off to exploring dungeons and caves to train his mind and body, and reclaim his clan’s lost glory.

Goro "Dog" Barkskin

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