Challenging Dagger

Hits max HP enemies harder.

weapon (melee)

Dagger of Challenges +1
+1 to attack rolls.
+1 to damage rolls.
Critical: No changes.
Property: You deal 1d6 extra damage when you hit enemies that are at maximum hit points when using this weapon.


The Challenging dagger is not the most uncommon of magical items. It’s creation is know to some, as it is not truly a magical dagger, but rather of ingenious design. It is often built as a test for aspiring thieves and assassins in the attempt to push them to their limits, especially if they appear to often take the easy path on various tasks. Thus it is both a boon and a bane, the apprentice must now choose, do you take a risk and capitalize but risk catastrophic failure. Or take the easy path?

Challenging Dagger

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