Robe of Avoidance

Cloth Robe +1 and Miss Trigger to Shift.


AC Bonus: +1
Item Level: 3
Armour Type: Cloth
Enhances: AC
Power (Encounter) Immediate Reaction:
Trigger: An enemy misses you with a melee attack.
Effect: You may shift 1 square.


Robes known for their ability to allow the wearer to seemingly dodge out of the way of attacks are designed in a very interesting way. They are meant to sit tightly on the skin, creating a slight bonus to defense over more normal robes, however are designed to strategically billow at certain intervals. This design allows the wearer to confuse an attack at times, usually during and after a clumsy attack is made, allowing the wearer to slip further away, and hopefully out of range of a well placed attack.

Usually these robes are found on lucky casters, who would rather avoid further attacks rather than repeated take and give blows.

This particular robe was found on a Kobold inside the small town of Faldor within the town’s pub.

Robe of Avoidance

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