Awakening of the Twilight Gems

More mischief in Moraudin

As the right hand lizard to the Lord Commander you learn to appreciate the finer things. Even among humans I started to enjoy the royal treatment. Just as the wounds i suffered a few days earlier were beginning to heal I sensed tension and confusion among the guards. No longer was I being pampered by chefs and servants. I pretended to still be weakened when a particularly devious looking soldier came in my quarters. When it became clear he meant to detain me I summoned all my strength and overtook the tiny human. After my daring escape I became lost in the city. Just as a patrol of guards was about to come upon me I heard the familiar sound of Kazimian calamity. In an act of recklessness he distracted the guards with a Wizard Ice Explody thing and brought me back into the safety of the secret forge. While there I learned that the town nobility had had enough of Kazim Kazim and branded him a traitor. While we Lizards trained, Ragnar disguised himself as a town drunk in order to make contact with the Friends of Charlie. He slipped away into the night as a shadow slips into darkness. Jareth, in the meantime, stripped himself of his armor and ventured out to find Mia Lee as a humble nameless servant of Arathus. Due to the inescapable annoyance of his very being no body he encountered gave much thought to his potential affiliation with our band of misunderstood outlaws. Meetings were hesitantly arranged with both parties for the next day. Our loyalty to Maraudin, though shaken, remains true and it seems the Kazimian guard and Mia Lee are still allies of sorts. While we hoped to construct a strategy before rushing into a fight, a great commotion suddenly came over the city. It appeared that the sieging enemy had finally begun another offensive. during the chaos Jareth spotted a nefarious group of blank faced individuals casually walking into a house. We rejoined as a group to ready for the assault.

City of the Nephli

The adventuring party finds themselves in a sparse room with only themselves, some beds, and an interesting window viewing a beautiful outdoor scene. Soon enter two humans who introduce themselves as Councillor Marrow and Elnock. However, little is learned from these two other than the fact that information is being kept from them. That they were “rescued from that demon”. And that the demon is apparently in the process of ravaging the landscape and laying siege to the city of Morradin.

They are also meet their two “caretakers” Aldric and Percival who are much more informative as to their situation, much to Aldric’s chagrin.

After hearing repeatedly that everything would be explained the next day the party chose to return to bed and rest, be refused permission to wander about.

However, late at night loud noises were heard, and a battle had begun. Soon the group is attacked by two Knights of the Nephli. After a long, dangerous, and primarily weaponless struggle the party eventually subdue their attackers only to watch another two more come charging down the hallway towards them. Preparing for another difficult struggle, they found themselves rescued by Percival and Aldric, come to check up on their wards.

The party is then informed that an attack has occured, with major offences aimed apparently at the 9 Councillors of Nephli.

Percival claims this to all be a farce with a secret agenda to obtain the ritual book the party had recently recovered. Thus he urges the team to charge with him to the Library, in hopes of saving it from reaching very powerful and very dangerous hand.

Aldric, however, agrees there is a secret agenda to murder the adventurers, believing them to be vital for the land’s survival. Thus he urges them to flee to a safehouse were sturdy defences can be prepared.

The party, though mostly split, choose to head to the Library, following Percical’s lead. On arrival they watch as a robed figure and a large body of men enter the Libary door, leaving a few behind as guards. A battle begins, and with natural skill the battle is won, though not without surprise at some of the gear and techniques their enemies and allies use.

But what awaits them inside the library? Ragnar fears they are facing far more they can handle. That coward.

The Black Knight Rises
Trouble at the Keep!


It is my duty to submit this report with no omissions & maximum accuracy, but as it all happened within the span of 5 minutes, I likely did not catch all the events firsthand and additional reports may need to be requested.

Most of our forces were away on a training exercise- one of the largest we’ve had in some time- so we were even more on guard than usual. I was positioned as the gatemaster on this day, and as most days it began with little incident- just myself and the parapet patrols, Jakob and Wilhelm, passing the time with idle conversation on their rounds.

It was midday- maybe 3- or 4-o’clock, when Jakob spotted someone approaching with two lizard-men in tow. The man was wearing our armor & had a story of spies & prisoners aplenty. Jakob was clearly skeptical and very hesitant toward giving me the go-ahead to open the gate. While I doubted this individual could prove any difficulty for us, I too understood the reasons for not admitting any unexpected visitors while our primary force was away.

We called for Captain Lionel as the man was giving us no trouble, just a bit of attitude, but it was then that I heard the explosion. From the sound alone I was unable to determine if it was magical in nature or not, but the armored man appeared to be under attack.

Roars began to emanate from the outskirts while a few more explosions went off. Jakob called for me to open the gate hastily, while Wilhelm was firing his crossbow at the assailants. The man and his lizards hurried inside, which is when I noticed that the man, identified as Jonreth Fairthemoon, was wearing our ceremonial armor and not the lighter trappings issued for training exercises.

We closed the door quickly, so that the assailants could not enter as well, at which point Jonreth proceeded with intimidation attempts on the captives- and was surprisingly successful. He told us how he had infiltrated the Adventurer’s Guild & brought these hired mercenaries who were part of their plot to undermine the Black Knights. The other attackers were surely more members of this mercenary group, hoping to either free their captive brethren or further the plot against our organization.

The captain was on his way, but Jonreth seemed to know his way around the place (somewhat validating his story) so we let him be as we focused on the attackers outside. Soon after though, they had disappeared into the surrounding forestry, and our thoughts returned to the odd situation thrust upon us. Sure, we recently discovered a spy in our midst, but I’d never heard anything about having our own spy in the Adventurer’s Guild.. Hopefully Captain Lionel knows more than we do.

It was eerily quiet for a bit until suddenly Samuel up on the main roof sounded the alarm. Apparently the attackers had returned, but from the east this time. They must’ve scaled the wall, as I saw Jakob rush off to attack them. We tried to get hold of the situation, but with our limited men we still needed to secure the gate- and so I stayed put & on the alert.

Suddenly the parapet burst forth in what must’ve been magically-induced foliage, covering the walls, roof, and ground. I heard muffled shouts and groans, but could not tell what was happening. That was until this beastly minotaur burst through the second floor window, right in front of my position.

All this time I was primarily wondering about our captain, but now was my chance to step up to the plate and shine. At this moment, I saw Jonreth running towards the beast as well. I thought he was coming to assist, but he quickly turned around and headed back to the main complex, mumbling the whole time, possibly realizing I could handle it alone.

Moments later, all the prisoners, as well as faces I hadn’t seen before, ran out of the building fully armed (though thankfully lacking armor) and looking for exodus. I held down the line for a bit with my skilled swordsmanship, but they were dead-set on leaving & seemed to be in cahoots.

The lizards tried some sort of show-off wrestling maneuver on me, and ended up getting pummeled instead. Besides that, they & the beastly minotaur put up quite the fight. I’d be eager to face them again in a fair fight, in order to test their true strengths against my own.

After mortally wounding most of them, they managed to get the gate open while I was distracted with the overwhelming attackers. A couple of seconds later and we surely would have had them. Jakob had come down to assist, and Wilhelm aided with some covering fire. Nonetheless, it seemed rather futile chasing them into the forest & leaving the fortress weakened for another attack.

As they were fleeing, Jonreth and a sly-looking man came running bloodily & fearfully out of the primary complex, quickly followed by our jailer, Kraven, who looked as roughed-up as I’d ever seen him. He was seething and chasing after Jonreth, who I can only assume was the one responsible for all this in some sort of clever infiltration ruse.

Following him was Captain Lionel who seemed extremely disoriented, but out for revenge on those who had duped him. _Jonreth_ in turn, was chasing after the sly human who managed to climb the parapet and jump over the side. Thankfully Kraven and Wilhelm were able to catch up to Jonreth before his jump and deal some brutal wounds on the tricky bastard.

He toppled off much less gracefully than his compatriot, pausing a moment to mutter something unintelligible before crawling off into the woods. With any luck he’ll bleed out and make a nice silver-plattered feast for some dire bears.

We are lucky that Captain Lionel is an understanding man, placing more blame on himself an Kraven than any of us on guard, but if I ever see Jonreth Fairthemoon again, I’ll personally ensure that he ends up in pieces for making such a mockery of our regime.


ShadowFell Keep
Floor 2

We last saw our rag-tag team of adventurers far within the underbelly of Shadowfell keep. Passing treacherous traps and dangerous dungeons the group has successfully delved deeper down to the lower levels. The team had defeated a pack of well equipped hobgoblins who seemed determined to hold down the fort against these intruders. But where has Ragnar disappeared to? And what shall they find further below?

Meanwhile, Ragnar awakens, lying on a smelly cot. The last thing he remembers was a cavern area where him and his allies fended off some starving rats and a couple amorphous blobs. Now, as he slowly opens is eyes he finds himself surrounded by a pack of hobgoblins, enjoying a meal. He feels around, and finds his gear laying nearby, why have they not stripped him of his supply? Why have they not killed him? But as Ragnar slowly sits up one of the hobgoblin approaches him, and offers him a meal of meat and mead.

Ragnar, realizing that his dagger alone would not be enough turns to his wits to break himself free of this confounding conundrum. Soon he finds himself friends with a grunt named Gargack, next he is interviewing with their leader, The Warchief, and finally he is working his way towards the dark priest of Orcus, Kalaral.

Un-meanwhile, the rest of the team moves further into the second floor and begin heading in what may be a southern direction. Kazim Kazim promptly stumbles into a set of traps, but weathers them thanks to his thick dragon hide. Finally they move into a room full of undead and meet both a nasty and less nasty surprise.

They defeat the zombies with relative ease, reunite with the lost Ragnar, who had quite a story to tell, and take a hobgoblin prisoner and knife-point. They even found a bag with some shockingly deep pockets.

But what awaits our heroes in the next room? They are tired and weak and meeting stronger resistance, but fear attempting sleep will only bring an ambush squad of hobgoblins down on their throats. And what will they find once, if, they do reach the end? What kind of ritual could this Kalaral be planning?

Stay tuned for next time on Dragon Ball Z.

Erathis' Light in the Darkest Dungeon
Shining into all those crevices that evil may hide.

Following our fool-hardy friend, Kazim Kazim down the stairs, deeper into this Erathis-forsaken dungeon keep, we are faced with a rather large pool of water and what appears to be a blueish ooze with tentacles! With no idea where it came from (probably the water) or what it is, we unleash our attacks while trying to stay out of the water. No time to talk to it, as it seems to ignore our words and sprays us with acid while flailing with its many arms. Kazim Kazim gets knocked into the water, and Wilbur and I rush to help him out. It appears he didn’t need it however, for as soon as we grab his arms- he backflips out of the water and over our heads onto the solid ground. What a crazy dragon.. Ragnar, seemingly scared- runs off up the stairs in a hurry, possibly to stake more claim on this decrepid keep or scoop up some treasure to keep for himself. I don’t mind though, he’s much better at getting around without notice than I am. Backed into the corner of the room to avoid the water, we continue attacking the peculiar beast while I strive to keep Erathis’ light focused on my allies. An explosion goes off behind us as Lyra erupts with chaotic force, propelling myself and Goro “Dog” Barkskin into the water. We quickly get out and can only wonder what happened with the magical gnome. It was not long before we vanquished this beast & had time to examine the message tube and shield that Kazim Kazim found on the island amidst the water. Goro “Dog” Barkskin does a quick swim into the pool, and returns with news of nothing but skeletons. We all shudder and make our way back to a secret room we had found earlier in order to rest for a bit and get our wits about us.

Waking to hear peculiar (though non-threatening) hisses around us, we see Kazim Kazim possibly singing to us or something, but it’s too early to really even entertain the thought. We start checking out the rest of the sub-level to ensure that we won’t get surprised by some big ol’ sneakin’ beasties creepin’ up behind us, but find little more than bodies and rubble. Thus, we head down some stairs into another sub-level that we had not yet explored.

Things got real weird real fast. At first there was nothing, just darkness (illuminated by a sunrod & torch) and smooth(ish) hallways, regularly ending in some sort of cryptic runes. Lyra examined them for a bit and determined that they were an arcane sort of trap and that we should not step on them. This became harder and harder as many of the hallway intersections were met with more runes. Having gotten seperated from the party, I tried to catch up and jump over one, failing miserably. A loud shriek came from the floor and I heard some fearful running, though the rune didn’t seem to affect me much.. The sound must have roused some beasts from further chambers, because soon we were met with undead humanoids. I had heard about them in some clerical pamphlets, but presumed they were the work of some cheap conjurations. Apparently not. We made short work of them and proceeded to clear the rest of the hallways out. I wandered into where they seemed to originate from, but having found rows of coffins, decided it was not the best place to start. Through the hallways no one set off any more traps until I began trying to follow my allies, since I am apparently the only one that sets off these traps and also one of the few relatively immune to their effects. Convenient, methinks.

Descending down a staircase where I could see faint flickering light, I stealthily peered through a window and noticed two heavily-armored hobgoblins! They seemed ready for a fight and apparently noticed me, but only said three words to me. “Shadows seek shadows.” I still have no idea what this meant, and backed away with only a non-sensical retort. Reaching the top of the stairs, I find only Wilbur and none of my other allies, though they were there when I left.. I quickly rush down the hallways in search of them, accidently setting off another squealing trap. Then somehow Kazim Kazim shows up behind me and brings me back to the staircase.. where the rest of my allies were waiting! The dungeon air must be getting to me, because I have no idea where they could have come from. There was a hole they must have smashed in the wall, but I could see no one in the small room behind it when I passed by. Maybe Lyra‘s been working on some sort of group invisibility.. or I’m just oblivious.

Going down the staircase again, this time with my allies, I try to talk to the hobgoblins, asking for an explanation. They seemed to be ready for pleasantries and opened the door with smiles on their faces as I made my way to their well for a drink. Apparently they had more than mischief up their sleeves as they quickly attacked me and several of their cohorts surrounded me from behind. What a nasty trick to play on an unsuspecting man of faith. Thankfully Erathis would not have me die this day, and my allies lent their abilities to my aid as well. Without our concerted effort and Erathis’ light, I am certain we would not have prevailed. We were surprised in the midst of battle by a large spider, and it was certainly no pushover. Thank Erathis that my allies have some experience fighting spiders in Moradin and were able to vanquish this one with no casualties, though Lyra was inching a little too close to darkness.

I am very grateful to have survived that battle, and I believe my allies and I grow closer with each vanquished foe. I would not prefer to kill as many as we have, but we must clear the world of those that wish ill upon others. In this I serve them, they- me, and us- the world.

— Jareth Fairmoon

Halted at the Half

Feeling reasonably safe behind the barricade at the entrance to the cave structure, we were able to get some small degree of rest. It was not enough to clear our minds of the dim circumstances before us, but it was at least enough to prepare our bodies for the task. Donning my armor while discussing our intentions with my new allies, we resulted in a temporary parting of the party. It seems Dog had seen a glimmer off in the distance that he believed may have heralded ill-willed soldiers, and opted to stay behind with our “big gun”, Kazim Kazim. We would hopefully return to our friends soon, but we needed to find any survivors of either side and provide appropriate justice!

We found a pretty empty stronghold for the most part. No one was prepared to greet us until we entered more confined areas, which we approached through a hallway’s three doors with varying engraved emblems serving as direction. The “treasure” door (based on the depiction of a chest) led to a longer hallway, gradually dimmed by lack of torchlight. Seeing the glow of a fire on the walls beside us, we peeked into a room with a very large kobold guardsman leaning on his weapon. Assessing the threat, Ragnar, Lyra, and Io attempted to use surprise to their advantage and fired a barrage toward the unsuspecting kobold. With not a single shot hitting, the guardsman contains his laughter and threatens us in a noncommittal way- only were it that we tried to pass beyond him, of course. At least he’s not inherently brutal, what a chap! Not really feeling up to the challenge, we passed on the room, for now. We had more important things to take care of, after all.

Deciding to check out the room in the center (with a table), I eagerly knocked in the hopes of gaining the attention of whoever’s in charge such that we may negotiate. This seemed to have not been the best plan, as we heard several loud thuds on the ground and no other response. Entering the room we find the thuds were dining tables thrown down to gain cover from our attacks for a few hostile kobolds. Implementing clever strategies we managed to overtake them, but not without Lyra taking a bit of a drop into a pit trap they had employed. Thankfully we avoided a few others.. This room was headed with a golden door that we decided to return to a bit later, having discovered a secret passage just off the dining room.

This dark hallway was a little sketch, but that didn’t slow down some of the more eager members. We stealthily approached a large kitchen filled with kobold chef and sous chefs. Sneakily enough that we were able to catch them by surprise. A bit of intimidation and diplomacy thrown their way, and they were all running out the side door away from us. I certainly enjoy this method of success: it’s much less painful. With a few of our members grabbing shanks of lamb off the tables, we headed into the next room cautiously- with good reason too, as we were surprised to see three or four additional guardsmen waiting for us in a room that also contained a prison cell. The cell held three townsmen and our dear lost friend, Narlack the Dragon. Allowing the ensuing battle with my comrades act as a diversion, I took the moment to bust into the cell and attempt to bust Narlack out! It was more difficult than I expected, so my allies did not receive much help from me as a combatant. However, Narlack and the townsmen were now free and we surely had but few men left to chop through before we could discover the machinations of this dastardly plot. Letting Narlack leave with the townsmen, we left to re-investigate the treasure room, telling him we’d meet soon at the golden door.

Approaching the treasure room again, the large kobold was, of course, still at his post. However, after a bit more friendly chatting, he told us he would let us pass if we could solve a riddle of his. Perplexed at first, we jumped at the chance to avoid a scuffle. I cannot recall the specifics of the riddle, but one of our more clever members answered it swiftly and correctly, much to the kobold’s delight. He let us pass and investigate the large chest in the center, as he went up the adjacent stairs to join his ranged-fighting friend. My allies were stumped slightly with the chest, attempting to solve a numeric puzzle in which the vertical and horizontal axes had to total up to the same amount in order to open it. I wandered off, chatting a little more with these now-friendly kobolds, and foolishly pulled a lever in the hopes that it would open the secret door they had mentioned. This ended up dropping a large stone onto the unwary head of Ragnar, who was still fiddling with the chest. Thank Erathis that he has such quick reflexes and dodged out of the way just in time. He must have a much larger peripheral perception than myself, for were I him, my head would be as dented as Narlack’s punching bag. Finally realizing that the clue we had discovered from the kobold in the garrison was relevant, we quickly solved the puzzle and opened the chest. I opted for no gold, but did however attempt to claim the magical mace that was pulled out. Unfortunately, Lyra managed to grab it first, and though she was unable to even hold it properly, insisted she keep it. A bit of frustrated haggling, and I traded her a healing potion for the mace. It feels good in my hands and seems to glow with an uplifting light. Now was the time we headed to the golden door to meet what we presumed would be the master manipulator of these kobolds, the human mage.

With Narlack again at out side, we burst through the door, expecting to be met with arms and ill will. Much to our surprise.. we were met with arms and ill will! Several kobold fighters amassed near the entrance, while we saw the mage in question sitting leisurely on his throne at the other end of the great hall. That vile creature! He has the gall to ransack a peaceful village (as far as I know..) with bloodlust and still has the time to enjoy it! It was an all-out battle, with Narlack surprising us many times with his perseverance and extraordinary abilities. Were it not for him, we may not have made it out alive. Close on this matter we were as well, since Ragnar and myself ended the battle unconscious, at the mercy of the nameless mage. Coming to just as he was vanquished, I happened to feel an eerie, malicious intent in the air. I didn’t see any sentient creatures per se, but I noticed a magical portal open up near the exit that must have been the source of the evil emanations. Discussing with the group after this, it turns out they all saw similar but distinctive visions as well. Very odd that they were not all the same. Very odd indeed.. We headed back to the town feeling accomplished, and yet very weary all the same. It had been a very long day, and it was nice to finally let it end..
+ We found the boatmaster!

Kazim Kazim write blog

My cohorts and I stand on the precipice of our second battle. Ahead lies a malicious looking gateway kept by a goblin. The Rouge sneaks around the bend, cleverly avoiding the goblin’s gaze. When we’ve perceived he is in striking distance, Jareth, the little angry one (I.O.), and I approached the gate. As is my custom, I presented myself with a bone chilling roar. Perhaps the most gruesome the goblin had ever heard. Horrified beyond all belief, it ran inside to tell his fellow gatekeepers.

The battle was hard fought. Each member of our rag-tag little team proved their keep. Jareth, in a moment of foolhardy bravery was knocked unconscious. The rest of us quickly snuffed out what remained of the enemy and ran to his aid. When all was said and done we turned our gaze to a slimy little prisoner. I struck his soul with fear using my barbarian rage. When he was prone, Jareth pried the truth out with diplomacy. The creature foreshadowed a trap that lay before us. The kobolds, lead by a human sorcerer, had brought the captive townspeople through the very gate we had just sieged and into the large cave at end of the road. He also left us with the number 15; its relevance is still unclear.

A tiff broke out between IO and Ragnar. The little one had a thirst for death. She attacked the captive goblin but Ragnar deflected her blade. I greatly enjoyed the interaction. Their trivial moral affiliations seem to contaminate their judgement. Even yet, we have grown quite dependent on each other. Our skills working in harmony as the mystery of the jewel binds us together.

We pillaged what we could. The Rouge’s pockets a bit heavier than my own. Our spirits were high but our flimsy bodies worn from the battle. We were all anxious. Trickery loomed in our future. We gingerly crept to the opening of the cave to see a corridor with a gate at the front and back. On either side of the entrance there was a wooden door. Sensing the trap would occur in the corridor, our powerful friend Dog smashed down one of the wooded doors. With a CRASH we fell into battle!

Dog, Jareth, and I found ourselves standing opposite our primary foe: more of the kobold scum who attacked us in the town. The gates fell to enclose the corridor while fake walls were activated to join the rooms behind each wooden door with the larger corridor. From the outside, Lyra shot bolts of magic while the enemies ran into attack position. Eventually everyone joined the battle inside. Again, our might proved greater than the foes. Our collective Gods gave us the strength greater than any I’ve ever experienced. Our bond is now perpetuated by a common quest as well as dependance as our enemies grow stronger. We have angered an entity of unknown strength and purpose. We cannot turn back.

Dog Log #1

So I’ve got a jewel poking out from my shoulder from that treasure-hunting excursion a little while back. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s worrisome all the same. I’m attempting to make contact with one of the five others that helped me traverse the dungeon, the Dragonborn Kazim Kazim. We don’t see eye to eye on some things, and his lack of self-control (rage issues) could prove troublesome in the future, but his strength could be advantageous. We’ll find out I guess.

I met up with Kazim Kazim at a tavern in ______________, he’s a social drunk that one. His gem was also poking out of his shoulder, the same shoulder in fact. A disconcerting thought. He had recieved contact from another of the group, and learned that he/she was in the same boat, as were a couple of the others. Kazim Kazim didn’t know which one was which, I guess barbarians aren’t sticklers for detail. Regardless, we are going to rendezvous further north, and figure out some sort of I’ve ever dealt with.

We approached the small town of Faldor, our point of departure to Morradin. A boat up the river or something, there was lots of discussion and little action so I just waited until a consensus was reached. I don’t like boats, never did, but it would cut out three weeks of traveling. Jareth, that human cleric, tried to convert me to whatever his god is a couple times, but I convinced him that I was perfectly happy godless at the moment. Well, I’m not so sure that I convinced him, but the whole “clan of religious exiles” at seemed to at least to hit home. His heart’s in the right place at least, he’s got a sense of right and wrong that seems to be more ambiguous in these other folks.

We never got word to the other human, the rogue, fancy that. I don’t know if some misfortune fell on him, jewel-related or no. Maybe he got the message. Those types never seem team players.

The other two are hard to get a read on. No luck with women or magic, har har. The first is the gnome, Lyra, who I have to watch out for. Not for fear of tripping over her, but because she’s got quite the arsenal of magic. Yet, I’m yet to understand her motivations.

Then there’s Io, who’s rage matches Kazim Kazim’s, but is directed instead in the form of curses (magical and otherwise) and intimidation.

We arrived in Faldor, finally, and stumbled upon some little girl, Annie. She had some maps of town that she drew, oddly useful but it seems like she could make better use of her time (which we learned later when some of our motley crew was so kind as to break into a chest of her belongings). We went to the boat house run by some ex-pirate, or at least I think so.

He told us the boat was all booked up by some Dragonborn, and despite attempts to “pursuade” him otherwise by some of the more ill-tempered among us he was not dissuaded. And for good reason. We went to the tavern and saw the beast, Narlack the Dragon. I could tell immediately, even if we were to attack him en masse, that we were outclassed. The guy was massive, taller than any of us, and obviously had been through his fair share of battle. We talked him up, and eventually he agreed to allow us to ride along with him. That is, should we passes a few different tests he had all planned out. He must have a lot of free time, that one.

First, he challenge Kazim Kazim to a drinking competition, which Kazim Kazim sorely lost. But their common Dragonborn heritage seemed to overrule the turnout, or perhaps Narlack was just messing with us. Kazim Kazim got hammered.

I can’t remember everything else (I drank a little bit too), but I beat him in an arm-wrestling match (he was either going easy on me or was extremely sloshed) and Io intimidated the bartender into clearing Narlack’s tab, so he took a liking to us.

We went up to our rooms, and I slept on the floor along with ___________(Jareth/Kazim Kazim?). I didn’t feel like debating sleep arrangements, and beds in human towns rarely are big enough for me to sleep comfortably. And they never account for the horns!

In the middle of the night I heard a rumbling, and jumped to my feet just as a group of kobolds burst through the door! Groggily, and still a little drunk, I fought back along with _______ (Jareth?) as the rest of our party came to. The first wave was followed by a second, and when I was starting to worry (about some of the others) I saw a figure in the door sneak up behind one of the kobolds and stab him square in the back. I took this opportunity to charge and gored him square in the chest. Using part of your body as a stabbing implement is always an uncomfortable feeling, but that’s what the horns are there for I guess.

And who was it that came to our aid but Ragnar, the missing sixth man. He also had his gem stuck in his shoulder, same spot as the rest of us, and had (apparently) been following us since we banded together. We went back out in to the town, and saw that the village was essentially empty. We searched around for a while and the others, excluding Jareth, took this as an opportunity to loot. They weren’t particularly successful mind you, but neither I nor the stocky human wanted part of such things so we followed the road that the little girl’s crude drawing suggested would lead us to the exit of the town.

We walked out of town and spotted a goblin (?) guarding the checkpoint ahead. Everyone seems disgruntled from being roused from their sleep, having our journey being delayed, and perhaps from having their plans of theft foiled by a little girl. Not the cautious type, these guys. I hope nobody does anything stupid.


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