November 12th 2011 Message 1

Shannon, Get on obsidian portal!
Everyone, accept my invitations to join the group and friend me!

Feel free to play around with Obsidian portal, is IS NOT meant for me to put stuff in there for you to read.

There is a wiki, where you can create pages, like one for the town, and inside would be buildings and the people, and you guys can fill in information, to keep track of who you’ve met and where you’ve gone, and perhaps, where you started at.

I also want to rotate for writing the Player’s Adventure Log, hopefully with Jack writing the first one, Jack writing the second one, and I don’t know writing this upcoming one.

Also, post you characters up there! Then we can view, or help explain skills, or whatever, we don’t have to wait until a session to do that.

ALSO! Next session will be this upcoming Wednesday, Jack and Jack won’t be there, but we’ll push on.

FINALLY!!! I’m going to try to start moving over to Obsidian Portal, so I intend to write stuff here, AND probably over there, until I eventually ignore Facebook entirely.


November 12th 2011 Message 1

Awakening of the Twilight Gems Capaal Capaal