Leveling to 8

Ok, getting to level 8… This is getting easier!

1) Ability Scores: YES, level 8 gets to increase TWO ability scores by ONE, you cannot increase a single ability score by two. Remember that increasing a score to even changes the modifier.

2) Modifiers: Level 8 is EVEN, thus your half level goes up by one! So now your attacks, defenses, initiative, skill checks and ability checks will increase, not to mention you put points in an ability score, so that changes a lot of stuff too!

3) Paragon/Epic: Sorry, not yet, but you guys are getting closer…

4) Hit Points: Everyone gains a set amount of HP, plus if your Constitution score went up them your hitpoints and healing surges probably did as well.

5) Class feature: It is possible a power has improved purely on the level increase, might want to check, though level 11ish is the more usual time for them to improve.

6) Feats: YES, wow, what don’t you guys get this level? One new feat you will find.

7) Powers: Negative, so I guess this is one thing you don’t get, oh stop your whining.

Last, and potentially least, don’t forget you are allowed to RETRAIN, this can be done to skills, powers, and feats but requires my confirmation.

Leveling to 8

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