Shadowfell Keep

I, Lord Paedrig, hereby grant Ragnar the right to work and develop the land designated as Shadowfell Keep as soon as the area around and within Shadowfell Keep is cleared of all hostile inhabitants as decided by myself. In addition, upon development and advancement of Shadowfell Keep to the point in which the keep would be habitable by a household of no less than 8 the deed for Shadowfell Keep and the land surrounding it shall be transferred to Ragnar.

Any and all profit generated by Shadowfell Keep or the surrounding land shall be taxed 15% as permanent repayment to Lord Paedrig, or whomever is deemed heir of his estate.

When the time comes that the deed holder of Shadowfell Keep feels capable of the defense of Winterhaven and the greater surrounding territory he may indicate thus to the Lord of Winterhaven. Upon doing so he becomes the profiteer of 10% income generated by Winterhaven and its surrounding territories. In exchange Shadowfell Keep will be expected to defend Winterhaven and its surrounding territories from all hostile activities. If the citizens of Winterhaven vote a lack of trust in the defensive capabilities of Shadowfell Keep then Shadowfell Keep’s 10% cut may be temporarily cancelled until such time when either the Lord of Winterfell re-affirms, or the citizens over turn the vote.

Lord of Winterhaven: Lord Padrig signed 6/28/2012

Designated Deedholder of Shadowfell:

Witness: Jareth Fairmoon signed 6/28/2012

Shadowfell Keep

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